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Trans woman.
She/her pronouns.
Washington state.
Horror buff.

Anonymous said: You asked for a long anonymous message saying what I think of you, so here goes: I think you are one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen, and you don't see that in you, and it makes me sad. I think you have a great sense of humor, and eyes that make me melt. I think you're going to find a sexual relationship with someone, and it's going to be exactly as awesome as you think it would be. I think your name is really cool. I think I'm running out of room. I think I really want to kiss you.

This makes me really happy. I might let u kiss me :)

tho the one thing I need to say is how do you think I have eyes that make you melt, i have dead fish eyes, I have Gintoki eyes


_(:3 」∠)_

Anonymous said: Like honestly what goes through your mind when you look at hentai? Do you fap to it?


"dat a nice tiddy"


If iphones are so good why did cell need the androids to become perfect?


If iphones are so good why did cell need the androids to become perfect?



I miss you. More than you could ever understand. But I get it. I’m no good. I understand. But I miss you. So much.

do I have any followers that are good at cosplay stuff? cuz if so I really need helping finding stuff for Hammer Girl from The Raid 2

preferably her actual clothes if you can find them anywhere. I can only find the jacket and it’s $200 so I’m not even sure I want to do her actual clothes. but yeah idk someone just find me anything for this cosplay and I’ll be super grateful and will owe you whatever you want