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Hi, I'm Sean (for now). I am a 21 year old trans lesbian princess, and live in Washington (the state). I love hip-hop, horror movies, anime, and other things. This is also a NSFW blog at times.

I have some seriously amazing followers though. I love you all so much and would like to get to know you better.

booty poppin

booty poppin

I look so ugly without makeup on it’s ridiculous.

Especially because I just gave myself an Arya Stark looking haircut. Thank god I wear wigs.


in memory of John Green today i will watch freddy got fingered and road trip back to back, his best movies, hes in a better place now

Anonymous said: I sometimes think of myself as a trans, I have a hidden stash of bras and panties and sometimes when no one is home I like to wear them.

Just because you like wearing bras and panties doesn’t necessarily mean you’re trans, but if you think that’s the case then definitely explore those feelings.

Anonymous said: I actually want to become a trans myself but I know for sure my whole family would disown me and I can't even do that in my country. Like there's no support for it and no one would pay and there are no hospitals that do surgeries and stuff ..

That really, really sucks. Though it’s not like the US is much better in terms of covering trans stuff, although I think my insurance might cover HRT if I ever get to start it. But you don’t have to become trans. If you think you’re trans you are trans. You might not be able to transition anytime soon, but if that’s who you are then that’s who you are, and you don’t have to consider yourself as not being trans just because you’re not able to transition.

Either way, hang in there, hun. :)

Anonymous said: Awwwh you're the sweetest! I get it now!

Thanks. :3

I’m sure you’re sweet too, anon.

mayseemmackabre replied to your post “If you hate it so much then why did you do it? Why did you become a transexual?”

Who’s this trash clown? Why do they think they matter?

transspock replied to your post “If you hate it so much then why did you do it? Why did you become a transexual?”

oh my god what a piece of shit

Assuming the person is one of my followers and not someone that was browsing the trans tag, I’m like 99% sure I know who they are based on their writing style/pattern.

I don’t think they were intentionally being offensive, I think the question was just really poorly worded which led me to my knee jerk reaction. So don’t be hard on them. Thanks for defending me tho <3

Anonymous said: I'm so sorry I didn't mean to ask it like that :(! I didn't mean to be rude. I'm so sorry please! ... Why didn't you have a choice? If you don't mind

Because it just wasn’t a choice for me. I’m a trans woman, it’s who I am. I never just decided “hmm, I feel like not being cis male anymore.” I just need to be a woman. 

And I apologize for snapping at you. I do think it’s possible that some trans people literally choose to be trans, assuming they already possess fluidity in terms of gender, but I imagine these people are a very small minority in the trans community. It’s an interesting discussion to have actually, gender as a concept can be so complex and unique to the individual. So if that’s what prompted you to ask, I guess I can understand that and accept your apology. But just as a heads up, most trans people will take a question like that as being highly offensive.

My mom bought me a 2lb chocolate bunny. Chocolate bunnies are the only kind of chocolate I like.

My mom bought me a 2lb chocolate bunny. Chocolate bunnies are the only kind of chocolate I like.